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Explore the possibilities for your next steps in creating a healthier lifestyle.

My method


Learn how to listen to your body. Read physical and mental signs and practice mindful eating.


Learning what’s in the food and how it affects your body is like learning a new language. Knowledge is power!


There is no one - diet - fits - all. Together we will find the nutritional protocol that works for YOU


It is hard to do all that by yourself. This is why I am here to support you, one-on-one or by using the power of the group in my programs.


Look at your relationship with food and eating. What are the emotions, beliefs and cultural conditioning that influence your nutritional choices?

Tool box

Becoming skillful with nourishing yourself is an art. You will get a whole set of tools to make it your second nature. Menus, recipes, shopping lists, planning charts and lots more…


It’ll not work without enjoying the food. This is why I develop mouth-watering, indulging recipes so you can have a blast all the way to your health goals.

Clean eating

Eating all natural, whole, plant-based, nutritionally dense food, out of a large seasonal and local variety, will assure that your body gets everything it needs in order to become and stay healthy.

Principles to

My food and healthy cooking philosophy

My Blog

Short and personal articles over nutrition and lifestyle

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From my kitchen to yours

A collection of mouth-watering and super healthy recipes

“I see my mission as being the bridge between the new nutritional science to an indulging culinary world, with a deeper understanding of the connection between the food we eat and our physical, mental and even spiritual well- being.”

Their success stories, your inspiration

Some of my client’s stories to inspire you
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Galit is an amazing professional and I feel truly blessed for having the opportunity to work with someone like her. I started working with her as a preventive care for a medical condition, combined with a search for more balance attitude towards food, nutrition and stress as I recovered from a burn out. I've heard many recommendations about her but have never imagined that a nutritionist could be so helpful and meaningful.
Almog Regev
I participated in the 21 day program, and it was a great experience, no doubt this time needed to make a difference, the support of the whole group was exactly what I needed, it was fun to share with each other the feelings, thoughts and pictures of the delicious meals we prepared each day. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make some change in their lifestyle. Thanks Galit 💜
Shira Richter
I join Galit’s 3 weeks detox and highly recommend it!!! The information Galit shared with us was full of knowledge and the sessions were really helpful to the process. Galit’s recipes are simple and I still cooking her dishes again again, the buckwheat bread is a HIT! Galit is there during the processing even after. And also the good habits are still here with me, a few months later 🙃 Thank you Galit!
Riki Nudler-Rahamim

Not sure if clean eating is right for you?​

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