About Me

“It was many years ago that I embarked on my journey of self-healing through healthy eating, and for many good reasons. I wanted to be a more vibrant, better functioning version of myself, I wanted to have children, to shed some weight and so forth.”
Hell0, I’m Galit Hahn
Certified natural nutritionist

“Soon after starting this new lifestyle I noticed the transformation that followed: I was more present within myself, my senses sharpened, my awareness rose, levels of stress and anxiety decreased significantly, – but most importantly, I learnt to love and accept myself in ways that I had never before. It was then that I realised that this was not only my physical journey, but also my mental and spiritual one. As life goes on through its long series of cycles, the Galit reborn through all this, only craves fresh, wholesome food that fuels both the soul and body in a most pulsating way.

I then embarked on another journey led by my passion to share my experience with others and perhaps inspire more people to start their healing journey. For that I needed more knowledge and skills so I went back to school to study nutrition and a basic medical course. 

As much as amazing and rich the knowledge I acquired may be, I now realise that what teaches me the most is working with people. Years of working with people from all walks of life with a wide range of health challenges humbled me, yet at the same time it made me more sensitive and sharper. 

I am ever so grateful for all of my clients that chose to trust me and share their intimate stories and healing journeys with me. I am here for them and perhaps I could support and help you as well.”

And for some practical information:

I was born and bred in Israel and I’m living for the last 20 years with my family in the Netherlands. I studied (and practiced) art and design and for the last 20 years, I turned my passion for healthy eating into a professional occupation. I co-wrote and published two books together with Vardit Kohn; ‘Snoep Goed’ and  ‘Koken in Kleur’. I have a practice for nutritional consultations and I give group workshops and lectures.

Nutrition course- CIVAS, Natuurvoedingsadviseur, Ortomoleculair voeding 

Medical Knowlage- NoGG Medische Basiskennis

Foundation of Couching, ICCI

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