The Provençal food I never ate in Provence

Provence. The mere sound of the word brings rise to so many dreams of Mediterranean bright light, dramatic landscapes and picturesque villages taken from all the books and films I grew up on (Jean de floret, Manon du source, la gloire de mon pére, to name few) and artists like van Gouge, Gogain, Matisse and […]

Winter beauties

When I moved to the Netherlands 13 years ago, winter was a huge hurdle to overcome. I was constantly cold, didn’t know how to dress and food wise it looked as if there is nothing to eat. Coming from a Mediterranean country vegetables meant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, fresh herbs etc. it took me years […]

The tale of the legendary kale

I am privileged to live for the past 12 years in the land of the giants: the Netherlands. Literally, the Dutch are the tallest nation in the world. That often makes me feel like a midget, but also wonder what made them so mighty. I used to think it must be the enormous amounts of […]

what I have learned from my visit to the zoo

When I visited the zoo with my family a wile ago we read some of the informational plaques that includes natural habitat and diet of the deferent species. That made me thinking, what if we were to be put in a zoo? What information would be written on ‘our’ informational plaque? What would be the […]

Who’s feeding you?

The entire human existence is built on trust. From the moment we are conceived, we trust our mother’s body to supply us oxygen and nutrition rich blood. When we emerge into this world, we trust that loving hands will lift and cradle us, that warm, sweet milk will come in abundance and so forth… And […]

Sex, Food and Rock & Roll

I always found the connection between food and sex fascinating. Perhaps because both on their own are excitingly intriguing but to investigate and understand the relationship between them can reveal and teach us even more. Much has been said about sex and food, food and sex and everything that in between but what is it […]

The breakfast dilemma

˜What should I eat for breakfast? ‘˜ is one of the most common question I hear and I know it represents a real problem most of us struggle with. Is breakfast indeed the most imported meal of the day? Should we eat a light or full nutritious breakfast ? High in carbs? Or rich with […]