Group programs

In the group programs, you have a chance to learn so much while enjoying the support of a group of like-minded people that are going through a similar process as you are. With this support, it is so much easier and fun to make food and lifestyle changes. Whether it’s a cooking workshop, the 21-day detox program or the 10 week total makeover plan, you will be able to share and get inspired while learning and experiencing the new language of healthy eating and cooking.

21-day detox program

A small group of 10-15 participants
3 weeks of a clean eating plan, detoxing and cleansing with the support of a group.
Learning new skills of how to change your eating routine, habits and feed yourself and your family healthier.
Lots of mouth-watering recipes and culinary inspiration. During these 3 weeks, you will have plenty to eat, no deprivation but rather a satisfaction.
Every Monday morning at 10:00 (west Europe time) we meet online- an informative presentation of the program and a cooking demo of the week’s recipes.
Every Thursday evening we meet online for 1 hour to reflect, share and ask questions
An active WhatsApp group throughout the whole period of the program.
Written material sent to participants every week including information, weekly menu, shopping list and recipes.

Topics we will cover:

How does our body performs detox throughout the different organs and systems and how can we support this process with nutrition.
The three stages of detoxification.
Blood sugar levelling, low GI value nutrition
Gluten-free diet advantages and principles
A healthy way to consume grains
Balanced plant-based nutrition
Protein consumption, a good source of plant based protein
Recommended food combination
Anti-inflammatory nutrition

10-week total makeover plan

This program is designed for people that want to change their nutrition for good, go deeper in understanding the principles of healthy eating and lifestyle with the support of a group.

10 weekly online evening meetings, 11/2 hours
A small, intimate group of max 10 participants
Every meeting will be dedicated to another aspect of healthy balanced nutrition
Information will be both theoretical and practical
Time for the participants to share, group dynamic and support
Some mindfulness exercises and practice
An active WhatsApp group chat throughout the time of the course, to share, support and inspire each other
Lots of written material and tools to work with and practice what we learn, including charts, menus, recipes etc.

Topics we will cover:

The non-diet principles Mindful eating Fresh Vs.processed food Local and seasonal eating plan The principles of a varied and well balanced plant-based diet; the 80%-20% rule Protein consumption. Plant protein Vs. animal source protein; the 60%-40% rule GI value, clever carbohydrates eating, blood sugar management Fat and its significant role in hormonal balance and metabolism Micro-nutrient, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals Anti-inflammatory Vs. inflammation-promoting foods Strengthening the immune system Building a balanced, healthy bowl bacteria Emotional eating, positive thoughts strategies, setting intentions, creating commitment, shopping, stocking, food prep Movement and workout Pleasure Creating a weekly routine. Incorporating movement in the hectic daily life Creating a friendly and supportive environment Inspiring others

Cooking workshops

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