Principles To Embrace

  1. Eat only fresh, natural foods. Keep processed food to the minimum, with the exception of essential condiments like olive oil, good mustard, vinegar and so on. As for the rest, buy only raw ingredients like vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, unprocessed grains, pulses, spices and herbs. If you are not a vegetarian, skip sausages and other processed products and just go for fresh cuts of meat, poultry and fish, preferably grass-fed and organic. In other words, focus on single-ingredient-foods. For example, tomatoes contain only tomatoes, walnuts contain only walnuts and so on…This means you will be cooking from scratch and you’ll know exactly what went into your food.
  2. Prepare your food with care and love. The good energy that goes into the food we eat is no less important than its nutritional value. Take your time when cooking and make it as beautiful and enjoyable as possible.
  3. Live in the here and now. Try to stick to local and seasonal produce, organic when possible. This will make your cooking not only delicious but also much more interesting and creative and our world a better place. Relate to the changing seasons when choosing ingredients and recipes as well as balancing between raw and cooked food.
  4. Eat mainly plants. Most of what we eat should come from plants: leaves, roots, stems, fruit, seeds, flowers… Animal Source Foods should be only a small addition to this vast, plant-based, beautiful variety.
  5. Keep it simple! If you use good and fresh ingredients there is not much left to do, so go for simple recipes and cooking techniques.
  6. Go for quality over quantity. I prefer to eat less but super well, and so does my body. When the food is super delicious and nutritious you and your body are already satisfied, you don’t need much.
  7. Go Gluten-free! Even if not diagnosed with gluten sensitivity or intolerance I think we should all try and eliminate this destructive protein from the menu. There’s no need to be fanatic about it (unless you are diagnosed), but rather keep it in mind. All my recipes are naturally gluten-free or have a gluten-free alternative.