Oven roast winter vegetables in pesto

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Pesto; One of Italy kitchen’s stars originally coming from the Ligurian cuisine basedon fragrant basil and creamy pine nuts and olive oil.
So here is an idea; Instead of serving it on pasta, try roasting winter root vegetables and dress them with freshly made pesto for an original and yet simple dish.


For the Vegetables:
1/2 Celeriac
1 Parsnips or parsley root
1-2 Carrots
1 small Sweet potato
1 Kohlrabi or turnip
1/2 a small pumpkin or squash

For Dressing

For the pesto:
240ml extra virgin olive oil
40g fresh basil leaves
ֲ½ teaspoon sea salt
20g pine nuts
20g walnuts
2 small garlic cloves
20g parmesan cheese, grated
20g pecorino cheese, grated


To prepare the pesto, put all ingredients in a food processor or a blender container and whiz to a smooth paste.
Wash, peel* and cut all vegetables to bite size chunks, making sure they are all more or less same size as you want them to cook evenly. Put them all in a steamer and steam till they are just about soft, but not mushy!
Transfer the cooked vegetable to a large bowl, add 3-4 generous spoons of pesto and some extra olive oil if you like, toss the vegetables so they are all well coated with the pesto.
Arrange the vegetables nicely in a shallow baking dish and bake in a preheated oven on high temperature (230ֲ°c) for 20-30 minutes till the vegetables are starting to brown and crisp at the top. You can serve the dish with some extra pesto in a separate small bowl for the diners to top up their vegetables if they like.

Tip 1: Sweet potatoes and squash- you can leave the skin on, just scrub well. Tip 2: Any left pesto can be stored in the fridge, for few days in an air tight container covered with a thin layer of olive oil to prevent it from browning.
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