The Five Pillars Of Good Health

Years ago, I came across an article written by C. Leslie Thomson from the Kingston Clinic in Edinburgh, who is considered to be the founder of modern naturopathy, saying that:

“There are many diseases, conditions and symptoms but there is only one cure and that is to bring the body back to balance and allow the natural healing forces of the body to do their work”.

I was deeply impressed and decided to embrace this approach. After decades of my personal experience as well as my work with clients, I can still see the truth of it. I see, on a daily basis, people restoring their good health, reversing conditions and creating balance by providing their body with what it needs and discarding everything that doesn’t serve them or even harms them. Yes, the path is not always easy and smooth but the body usually reacts well and the reward is enormous. 

The Path To A Healthy And Balanced Body

From everything I learned and experienced, my observation is that these are the five major pillars of a healthy and balanced body with optimal functioning:

  1. Level blood sugar and insulin secretion. Restore cell sensitivity to insulin and hormonal balance.
  2. Clean and detoxify the body; minimise the presence of substances and toxins that don’t belong in the body.
  3. Maintain the right acidity; keep an alkaline body. An acidic body is a fertile ground for inflammations and the development of diseases.
  4. Keep a healthy and well-balanced microbiome maintain more probiotics (friendly bacteria) than pathogens (disease causing bacteria) in your gut flora. 80% of the function of our immune system is down to the bowel bacteria and so are our brain and mental functions.
  5. Get all the nutrients your body needs. On the cellular level, we need all of the building blocks, energy fuel and co-factors to optimise every tissue, organ and system function.