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When I visited the zoo with my family a wile ago we read some of the informational plaques that includes natural habitat and diet of the deferent species. That made me thinking, what if we were to be put in a zoo? What information would be written on ‘our’ informational plaque? What would be the diet of our species? What kind of food would be given to us? The zookeepers, so I presume, would get instructions from the Zoologist- who will use his knowledge of the species’™s physiology, do his research on the natural habitat, food available to us, etc.
I guess the zoologist will write; plant eaters/ fruitarious mammals, diet: fruit, roots, leaves, berries, nuts and seeds, small animals (no way to hunt big mammals unless using technology), seaweed and algae, small marine animals, eggs.
If highly processed, poorly nutritious food that most of us consume today would be given to animals, that would be considered to be extreme violation of the animal’™s rights, right?
I just heard from a good friend of mine that all he got to eat as a child was food that made a short journey from the freezer to the deep fryer. He never ate fruit or vegetables before the age of 20 (!!!). I was thinking about it for quite a bit and in the context of the above I can imagine that in a zoo he would be taken away from his mum and given to the keepers because she doesn’™t know how to take care of her cub.
Think about it.

What is the right diet for our species?
What is the right diet for our species?

And here is my zoo keeper’s salad suggestion:
Place in a wide salad bowl a generous amount of deferent green salad leaves
Sprinkle a handful of fresh herbs, torn or chopped
Add some edible roots like carrots and beets, grated or cut into julienne
Add some fruits like tomato and avocado, cut into cubes
Add sprouts of any kind
Add a handful of seeds like sunflower, pumpkin or hemp
Add a handful of nuts like pecans or walnuts
Add some dried berries like cranberries or bearberries
Now and than you can add a (slightly cooked) egg, some pieces of chicken or fish
Sprinkle some rock (or sea) salt
Squeeze some fresh lemon juice and drizzle a little olive oil (ok, ok, this is a modern addition, I agree, but we must keep the animals happy, right?)

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