What Is Galit’s Kitchen All About?

It’s about getting well and feeling great by making the right nutritional choices.


Maintaining our well-being and optimised health is a great challenge nowadays. It has more than one aspect to it but it’s quite clear that the way we eat has a significant impact on our health. Whether you want to reverse a condition or simply improve your health and prevent disease, you can activate the great healing powers of your body by making the right nutritional choices for YOU.


It’s about avoiding suffering and feeling deprived when you do it.


Well, I really believe you don’t need to suffer for wanting to eat healthily. I believe in pleasure, joy and satisfaction. There are way more healthy food options than bad ones out there. You just need to learn how to look for them and reach out. My nutrition plans and advice always focus on what you can and should eat rather than what you can’t and shouldn’t, always positive!


It’s about self-love and learning how to feed yourself with care and love.

Lack of knowledge and skill, awareness and self-love is the real cause of a bad diet.

Addressing these issues and changing your diet will be the most natural and easy thing to do.

Learn how to nourish yourself lovingly and your body will love you back.

It’s about learning how to make your kitchen a healing space for body and soul.

In the kitchen we can find the most powerful remedies. I’m talking about the phytochemicals present in vegetables, herbs and spices, the amino and fatty acids in different foods etc. If we get to know them a little and learn how to work with them it’s a win-win situation; you heal yourself and enjoy delicious, indulging food!


It is my observation that most people make the wrong nutritional choices due to lack of knowledge, skill, awareness and self-love.

Low energy, chronic fatigue, weak immune system, digestive and weight disorders, depression and brain fogs, chronic diseases and more can be well managed and healed by the power of healthy food.